German Forward Observer Pill Box                                Rough Landing

    (Rafferty)                                                                     (Rafferty)


Believe German Tank Destroyer                          284th Drivers took infantry into towns to mop up - POWs were

   (Rafferty)                                                          taken to enclosures and then drivers returned to take infantry to next

                                                                           town   (Ed Wasilewski)



Medical Unit including Dr. Summers  (Wasilewski)                                 German plane  (Wasilewski)


Commanding Officer Lt.Colonel Sanders later                   Sgt Virgil Pugh, the chief cook at chow line

became General   (Obecny)                                                 (Wasilewski)


Ohrdruf Concentration Camp - Bodies still warm (Wasilewski)                                Anti Aircraft Gun    (Wasilewski)




Firing Battery in hot spot  (Wasilewski)                                                              German Pill Box near Metz   (Wasilewski)